My Team

Ola Lindgren – Ola is my coach and he has been one of the most important persons in my life since he started coaching me when I was 11 years old. His main area is swing technique but he has a wide range of knowledge and is great with putting, short game and mentally as well. We have had great cooperation since we started working together in 2008 and hope to continue in the same way.

”I was fortunate enough to meet Linnea when she was really young and it has been a fantastic journey to see her grow up as person and as a golfer. As a coach, I’m looking for the combination of athletic talent, the will to practice and the mental toughness. Linnea has all those assets and on top of that, even more important, she is a nice and sweet person and a perfect ambassador for the game of golf!” -Ola Lindgren

Swedish Golf Team & Performance Team – SWGT has given me so many opportunities throughout the years and I am very thankful for their support. I did my first tournament with the Swedish Golf Team at age 13 and has been part of it since. Everything from tournaments all over the world to training camps, support in Sweden and college visits.

Missy Farr-Kaye – Missy was my college coach for 2.5 years and I could not have asked for better support. She welcomed me very well as a freshman and together with my teammates, she made sure Arizona felt like home for me. My last year in College Missy coached together with Michelle Estill and together made a great team. Missy has many years of coaching experience while Michelle played on the LPGA Tour for several years, they both were a big help for me during my college years both on and off the golf course.